Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wed 12th June 2013 - Murray Bridge - Meningie

We woke up to a bit of fog and a fine misty drizzle, but were determined to move on regardless. West to Goolwa or East to Meningie - the rain radar made the choice for us, with some heavier stuff moving from west to east.

Looks like wet weather provides a strong incentive to move quickly, and we were packed up just before 10am, and into the Lake Albert Caravan Park at Meningie by a bit after 11, another record for us. Now that it wasn't raining, we did a full set up of all awnings in just on an hour, had some lunch out of a coolish breeze, then walked the 1km or so into town to check it out, once again under a light drizzle. When we arrived back, the drizzle set in some more, and we were glad to be fully closed in, unfortunately not taking full advantage of being mere metres from the lakeside.

Also unfortunately, we were not making the most of the powered site as it appeared the battery charger wasn't actually charging the batteries. After a bit of investigation, Paul discovered the mains power was in fact pushing out over 240 volts, so the battery charger was giving off a fault light. This is not something wrong with the charger, nor something that can be fixed easily as the power surge is coming from the power supplier. But it means our batteries aren't being charged, basically negating the extra cost of getting a powered site in the first place to do this, as well as running Hades.

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