Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thurs 13th June 2013 - Meningie - Salt Creek - Narrung - Meningie

We again looked at the rain radar to work out where our adventures would take us, and figured the eastern side of Lake Alexandrina would be preferable, so we headed south along the Princes Highway, taking us alongside the narrow strip of the Coorong National Park to the west, and green farmland to the east. It was a nice 60km+ drive, then we turned back at Salt Creek as we figured it would be more of the same where we wouldn't be able to get out and explore with the boys.

We then to the long way back to Meningie via West Meningie, and took the Narrung ferry back, passing the Malcolm Lighthouse, Australia's most inland lighthouse. It would have been nice to have stopped to have a closer look and take some photos, but it was starting to drizzle again, and the track to the lighthouse was blocked by a couple of utes and workers revegetating the nearby slopes.

We got back to Meningie, and went to both the local butcher and bakery, and sat in the sun for about an hour until the mandatory drizzle kicked back in again. Paul and the boys had a nap while I spent some time on the computer catching up on trip notes. We then took the boys for a slow walk around the lake's edge, then Paul set about getting a fire ready in the allocated fire drum.

The expected drop in wind didn't eventuate, and the fire turned out to be a bit of a fizzer as the drum was positioned too high for any meaningful heat to radiate out, and we couldn't see it either. So we sat shivering with a dog on each lap to provide a bit of warmth, drank our beers and gave up when it stated to spit again. Oh well, we tried.

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