Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday 10.07.11 Katherine to Hiway Inn near Daly Waters to Churchill's Head Repeater Station, north of Tennant Creek

Odometer 113067. We departed Jim's at 8.35am, the fuelled up and grabbed some groceries. 56.54l @ $1.559/l ($88.14). Departed Katherine at 9.20am.

We stopped at the Hiway Inn for lunch as we couldn't resist the barra burgers, and were on our way again at about 1pm, arriving at the Churchill's Head microwave repeater station around 5pm. This was Steve and Lucy's first stay here and they were suitably impressed with the view. The day's handy hint is not to walk through waist deep grass in trackie dacks or flannie jammies unless you want grass seeds in the crotch.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

FINALLY! Saturday 09.07.11 Darwin to Katherine

Odometer 112753. Left home 15.20 bound for the 314km trip to Katherine, 8 days later than expected, thank you Westpac for delays in sending replacement credit cards, and numerous other minor setbacks. We arrived at 7.05pm, setting up the camper in the front yard of Paul's Dad's place, then went over to brother Andrew's place for a lamb roast. Beautiful! This was our 5th wedding anniversary as well, so we opened up a bottle of French red just for the occasion.

Almost zero night's sleep courtesy of neighbours partying all night, and still going strong at 7am. Coffee would be a good thing.

Devil's Marbles planned for the night's stop, but more likely it will be the repeater station north of Tennant Creek.