Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wednesday 22nd May 2013 Lake Hume - Wagga Wagga - Uranquinty - Albury

We got away a bit after 9am to go up near Wagga to pick the boys up, ringing them up to let them know we were on the way so that someone would be there as their opening time was between 9 and 11am. We got there about 10.45, and the boys were very pleased to see us! Once we'd paid, the owner left the kennel and walked away elsewhere, whilst we checked the boys for any cuts or scrapes, as can happen in kennels, and found Indy's bad ear was looking mucky again, and he now had about 5 or 6 hotspots on his tummy that they didn't tell us about - or not know about. Not impressed. Later, we found they hadn't given him his medication properly or as we'd asked, so even less impressed. We also found Indy had chewed at his tail, something he hasn't done before, so that indicates he was stressed there, poor fella.

From there, we drove through Wagga again to get fuel, and continued south to Albury, stopping at the bakery at Uranquinty. About another hour to Albury, where we stopped for a few supplies then had a walk along what we thought was the Murray River, but it turned out to be a creek off it. No matter, it was a lovely walk through different coloured autumn leaves along the creek, then back to Lake Hume for a late afternoon walk along the water's edge.

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