Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tuesday 21st May 2013 Koskiuszko Mountain Retreat - Corryong - Lake Hume

Another early start so we could get packed up quickly to get to our next destination. We wanted somewhere close to Wagga to be able to get the boys on Wednesday before 11am. We drove via the Alpine Way again, taking a short detour through Thredbo proper, then up through Khancoban and to Corryong so we could have a look at the Man From Snowy River Museum. We stopped at a cafe for lunch, then got some supplies at the local bakery and "Lamboutique - Paris, London, New York, Corryong".

The museum was interesting, however the display for Jack Riley himself was perhaps the smallest part. More space was devoted to old laundry mangles, butter churns and other kitchen paraphernalia, as well as a local member of the first Australian ski team and Jim Thompson, a POW who knitted an enormous blanket showing a map of Australia and the coat of arms. All worthwhile seeing nonetheless.

We then drove to a couple of possible campsites, one next to a pub in Jingellic right on the river that wasn't too bad, then another that was very picturesque but had a lot of shotgun shells and even some burnt out aerosol cans on an old fire. There was something about the place that didn't feel right, so we moved on, continuing along the river to the start of Lake Hume. The sun was starting to get lower, and we made an executive decision to stay 3 nights at a caravan park so we could leave the trailer behind for the 3 hour round trip to pick the boys up, and also get a load of washing in. And get 3 nights running of Hades.

We found the Lake Hume CP just before dark, and found a spot overlooking the lake, setting up quickly. We cooked the steak from Corryong and found it to be one of the best we've had in a long while - very tender, with an almost sweet aftertaste, it was gorgeous. Paul set up a fire in the portable fire pit right near the site made from an old washing machine drum, and it kept the cold seeping up from the lake at bay.

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