Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tuesday 28th May 2013 - Echuca

We seem to typically get away after 10.30am these days, so once we have had breakfast it is nearly time for lunch. So be it! We went into Echuca to the old part of town for a wander, and had lunch at a nice cafe that allowed us to sit outside with the boys. It was then time for our 1 hour paddle steamer trip, where we got to sit up the front and the boys got lots of pats from other patrons, which they duly soaked up. It was quite a pleasant trip and well worth it, apart from the "period" music of Foster and Allen.

We got off and had a bit more of a walk around the town, did a groceries run and found "The American", a newly renovated pub with a beer garden and overhead heaters that let us eat outside with the boys. Asking pleasantly has never resulted in a knock-back. As expected with a place named like that, our meals of gnocchi and jambalaya were enormous and couldn't be finished. As it was dark at 5.30, we were back home by about 7.30 and in bed by about 8.30.

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