Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunday 9th June 2013 - Morgan - Purnong

We decided not to spend the whole weekend at Morgan, so headed off with the intention of taking every little side track down to the river that we could find to free camp it. Again, there were more flats along the river that would make ideal camp sites - if only people weren't already there, or was private property. Phooey.

Another recommended site towards the end of the day at Walker Flat turned out to be a dud, and we wondered whether our expectations were a bit too high for free camping in South Australia along the Murray, perhaps due to the close proximity to lots of little towns. And that it was still the long weekend. We did get to see the lock at Swan reach, however.

We were just about to settle for the caravan park at Purnong, south of Swan Reach, when Paul spotted a track on the escarpment above the caravan park about half an hour before sunset. There were no signs or gates, and a big cleared area like a quarry that seemed perfect, with a spectacular view of the river and the cliffs behind. It was a beautiful clear night and we could see what appeared to be the distant glow of light from Adelaide, or at least the Adelaide Hills.

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