Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunday 2nd June 2013 Swan Hill

After a day's rain, and most of the night, a big blow came up around 2.30am rehiring some re-tensioning of guy ropes and some further tossing and turning, so we decided to stay another day in Swan HIll. We discovered there was still a mouse in da house nibbling away at things, so we tossed what was chewed into, pulled everything out from under the bed and set the beagles loose to find the little bugger, to no avail. It was fascinating watching them work, but the mouse had clearly gone elsewhere.

We then drove out to a large salt lake, Lake Tyrell, and effectively circumnavigated that before returning back to Swan Hill. 

Worked out the trip so far - 6,550km, 891L of fuel, $1,387 of fuel, average of 699km per tank, average of 222km per day, and an average of 13.3l per 100km. Will be interesting to see the final tally!

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