Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday 31st May 2013 - Barham - Swan Hill

We woke up to some fog over the water - no wind and no rain, although it had rained in the night. We ummed and ahhed as to wether we should move on, debating whether we should break camp while there was no rain but wet canvas, or wait till that dried, but with the chance it would rain anyway. There wasn't much else to do at Barham, so we decided to pack up and move on to Swan Hill, unfortunately to yet another van park as the weather looked exceedingly likely to be a solid day of rain for Saturday, with it clearing on Sunday.

We chose a Big4 park for the first time. It's a nice enough park, but just feels a bit sterile and rule-driven. Fortunately they have grassy level sites, so we may be relatively dry underfoot. A riverfront site is $10 more expensive per night, making it $44 a night off peak. We chose a cheaper site, as that just felt galling, then went for a walk along the riverfront until just before dark while it was dry.

Deciding to have one of our packs of lamb shanks for dinner (they are pre-cooked and don't require refrigeration, so have been packed under the bed), we discovered that the mouse found the other day must have remained, and had chewed into 5 separate packs! Thankfully this weather didn't see the packs emit any noxious odours, but it was very disappointing to toss out close to $50 worth of meat.

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