Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wednesday 15th May 2013 Oura Beach Reserve - Wagga Wagga - Koskiuszko Mountain Retreat

We packed up the camper and headed back to Wagga to refuel and then it was off to the south of Wagga to drop the boys off at the boarding kennel. We then went back to Wagga to buy new boots as Paul's were no longer being water resistant, and my boots were never quite right, being slightly too small. We also ducked into Big W and bought a $30 space heater, as we had decided we would camp at a caravan park 16km from Jindabyne in Kosciusko National Park for a few days.

Once that purchase was done, we headed for the 4 hour drive to the Kosciusko Mountain Retreat, knowing we would be getting in just after dark, which was not ideal. After Tumut, we drove up onto the plateau in the national park and saw our first bit of patchy snow, and some fog as well.

3 minutes, according to the GPS, away from our destination, we very nearly hit a big roo! Over 4,000km of driving with no incidences and we thought our luck was up, but the big roo ducked to the left in time not to be collected by the trailer.

We pulled into Kosciusko Mountain Retreat to find we were the only ones camping in a large campground of nearly 100 spaces, plus about a dozen cabins. It was quite breezy, so there was a bit of effort in pegging down the annexes. Once that was down, the skies decided to empty, and there was steady soaking rain for most of the night.

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