Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunday 19th May 2013 Koskiuszko Mountain Retreat - Waterfall Walk - Wildbrumby Schnappes Distillery

After a leisurely breakfast, of pumpkin soup and sourdough toast, we decided that we would test out the new waterproof, but breathable, pants with the 6km Waterfall walk along Sawpit Creek. This walk was a loop following the creek to a small waterfall, and then through some large granite boulders. It was mostly flat, and the 6km came and went quite easily, or certainly more so if we had done the same circuit in Darwin humidity.

Back to camp for a lunch of the previous 2 night's leftovers, which weren't enough for one on their own, and then we went back to the Wilderness Adventure store to pick up the snowshoes and walking poles we were hiring, and a new fleece jumper for Paul, and some essential supermarket supplies for our Big Adventure.

We then went back along the Alpine Way to the Wildbrumby Schnappes distillery, tasting all 10 of their varieties, that included butterscotch, sour cherry, sour apple, peppermint, chilli and pear. They were all very tasty, perhaps the peppermint and the sour cherry less so, and because they clearly knew we were coming they had a 6 pack with our name on it of their most popular ones. How could we resist?

We got back home on dusk and started getting our clothes and packs ready for a 6.30am start, and were in bed by 8.30pm.

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