Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunday 12th May 2013 Wentworth - Ganmain

From Wentworth, we then headed east about 500km for Ganmain, a tiny town about 60km north-west of Wagga Wagga, where we were to visit Julie and Marshal Nelson, the breeders of Indy and Keg. We had only been there a couple of hours when it decided to rain, which it hadn't done there for about 4 months. Julie had only just got a new baby Beagle that was being rumbled by a litter of 4 Maremmas of the same age, but younger by a few days, it was fascinating to see the difference in the development of the breeds as the Maremmas were far more coordinated than the beagle! As the rain continued into the night, the beautiful white of the Maremmas turned to brown and wet as they didn't seem to care how wet and muddy it was.

A great meal of spag bog was washed down with a few reds and beers, and conversation went until about 3am.

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