Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Murray River Trip - Sunday 4th - Tuesday 7th May 2013. Darwin - Katherine - Tennant Creek - Alice Springs

Sunday 4th - Tuesday 7th May 2013

After what seemed like ages, we finally were set to go after lunch for the 3 hour + drive to Katherine. A day later than anticipated, but not without a last minute minor medical emergency with Indy getting a huge hot spot on the top of his head that required treatment and antibiotics. Fortunately the trip to Katherine was uneventful, and we made it to Paul's dad's place before dark. A bit of a restless night, as first nights inevitably are, and we made a leisurely kick off around 10.30am Monday after catching up with brother Andrew to get to our favoured spot on a hill with a repeater tower about 90km north of Tennant Creek, after a lunch stop at Three Ways.

Being miles from anywhere, we were treated to a brilliant night sky with no moon from the top of the hill. The only other lights were the occasional traveller and triple trailer road train.

Tuesday morning had a brilliant dawn, but an extra few minutes lie-in meant a missed photo opportunity. The huge number of flies didn't miss an opportunity to go up a nostril, to the extent that we were not prepared to have "raisins" in our breakfast, and just had coffee and a muesli bar instead. We stopped in Tennant Creek briefly to sort out a clunk coming from the trailer coupling with a good fill of grease.

Another middle of nowhere stop for lunch, accompanied by some grey nomads that appeared to have stopped for the day. Why, we'll never know, there was nothing there. And then onwards to Alice Springs to the Heritage Caravan Park, where we have been on 3 previous occasions. Nothing special, but we know where it is on the southern side of Alice, it's usually quiet (except for tonight), it has good shower facilities and it's dog friendly.

Planning an underground campsite at Coober Pedy tomorrow night. Should be interesting!

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