Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday 24th May 2013 Lake Hume - Police Paddocks - Cobram - Paradise Beach

Somehow, we managed one of our slowest pack ups ever, and no real reason for it, so we didn't get away until nearly 11. We dialled in the GPS one of the sites chosen for the next stop - Police Paddocks near Rutherglen. It was less than an hour away, so we felt like real grey nomads barely doing 100km travel in a day. It was a lovely grassy spot next to the Murray, with about 1km of river frontage where there was a choice of great sites. We decided we needed to make up a bit of ground, as, according to the rough schedule planned, we were about 2 days behind, so we needed to cover a bit more territory.

The next site on "the list" was Scott's Beach near Cobram, so we headed for Cobram for a late lunch and some more supplies, including firewood. We planned at least 3 days here, so wanted to be able to set up a fire and cook up a good stew. We drove both sides of the Murray along the nature reserve looking for Scott's Beach, and even with GPS coordinates, we didn't find it. What was at the coordinates were day sites for picnics only. We did, however, find a lovely spot at the end of a track called Paradise Beach Rd, and we decided to call that home for the next few days.

We were fully set up just before sun down, and, with barely a breath of wind and a clear night, the temperature was already dropping rapidly. It was a full moon, and too bright to look directly at. For the first time ever, we saw a plane high up with contrails visible in the moonlight!

The weather report for Cobram indicated about 4 degrees overnight with possible frost, and it was almost with excitement that we headed off to bed to get warm. it appreas two beagles give about an extra 4 degrees of warmth, but it was still probably the coldest night we've felt so far, given we couldn't put Hades on.

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