Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday 17th May 2013 Koskiuszko Mountain Retreat - Rainbow Lake - Jindabyne

Another gorgeous still and sunny morning, we pored over the map to determine what the day's activities would be. We decided to do the short 3km Rainbow Lake walk, which would be our first venture walking in some snow, building up to the Mt Kosi walk. There was a little bit of snow under the trees at the start of the walk, but in open country it was clear.

We were able to circumnavigate the lake, and the whole walk took about an hour and a half as we stopped often to take lots of photos. With rain pants and raincoat on, we were able to generate quite a sweat, and Rachel's pants disintegrated at the seams. Back to Jindy for yet another purchase, and we also bought a compass as a backup to the GPS should it fail on the Kosi walk, which we had decided to do on Monday, as the weather report indicates clearing skies and reduced winds. Here's hoping.

We stopped into the bakery for lunch, then stopped at the rest area at Thredbo River for a short walk there, stopping to talk with a man that said he used to live in Darwin. We walked about 1km up the river, stopping to watch a couple of guys fly fishing in the rapids. We then went back to camp to do laundry, start another fire and make a dint in the red wine. Rachel discovered that she may have been sitting just a little too close to the fire, melting one of her crocs nearly all the way through (some would say that's not a bad thing, the fashion accessory that they aren't). No real damage done, but it was a close thing.

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