Friday, June 24, 2011

A week to go!

In theory. We planned to leave for the Lake Eyre trip on 1st July, but there's still a lot to do. We've had a few little hiccups, like Paul doing his knee that put him out of action for a bit, having to replace the trailer wheels and spare because they were 20mm out on each side from the car's wheels (they actually were the Navara offset, and we discovered what is actually on the car ISN'T), and buying a new starter battery. Better now than later, though.

So, what's been done:

  • Replaced the custom aluminium canopy with the old well body and ARB fibreglass canopy. Rachel was a bit sorry to see it go, as it made the car look fairly unique, but once we saw the cracks in the struts we realised we HAD to remove it as it wouldn't cope with the corrugations we're going to face. Upon removal, the cracks were all the way through, and that part of the canopy wasn't attached to the chassis at all.
  • Redo all the wiring.
  • Replaced shock absorbers.
  • Put the sliding drawers back into the well body. Shame we've accidentally thrown out some critical bits, so more home made manufacturing is required.
  • Added the dual rear carrier.
Still to do:
  • Mouse-proof the camper with eleventy seven more press studs.
  • Fit deep cycle battery.
  • Make a new cover for the drawers.
  • Shop for meat and veggies.
  • Pack.
  • Service the car.
And THEN we'll be off!

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