Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday 01.05.11 Morphett Creek - Larrimah - Katherine

Another uneventful getaway by about 9.30am, stopping only at Fran's Tea House at Larrimah for lunch. Unfortunately we couldn't eat in with the dogs, but we got a couple of enormous homemade beef pies and ate them in some nearby shade. Another couple of hours got us in to Katherine at around 4pm, with a roast on offer at Paul's brother Andrew's place for the evening.

The best part of the day was our first hot shower, or any shower at all, for the last 5 days. Bliss!

We had our last night in the camper in the front yard of Paul's Dad's place, listening to a neighbour's dog bark for about an hour and a half. Welcome to suburbia.

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