Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cape York trip is now Oodnadatta Track!

As of last night, we've had a change of plans. Seeing we haven't gotten around to setting things in concrete for the Cape trip in July/August, we figured there may be a high chance the campgrounds at the Cape that require bookings would probably be booked out already. And given the phenomenal rains Australia has had recently, this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to check out Lake Eyre with water in it, and the desert in bloom will be amazing.

So tentative plans are to head south as quickly as possible to Marla at the start of the Oodnadatta Track, take that at a leisurely pace, head north on the Birdsville Track, take the side trip out to Big Red, and continue north to Mt Isa. We haven't figured out where to from there, but if we can find a way to get to Lorella Springs for a few days, we will.

There's never enough time, but 6 weeks should give it a red hot go!

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