Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A trip to Katherine

Last weekend, we headed down to Katherine, overnighting on Saturday night in Paul's dad's front yard. So it wasn't true camping, but the first "whole family" sleep-in. Good thing we had the fans going, though!

The trip down and back went smoothly, and take off is only slightly slower sans trailer. Fuel economy is pretty good, considering it's over a tonne of trailer tracking along behind - the Navara averages about 12.5L/100km normally, and we got 13.9L/100km for the round trip of 621km.

In the mean time, a brand spanking new set of nested cookware has arrived, which turns out to be also suitable for an induction stove, and Paul has been working on a rack for the trailer using aluminium diamond mesh.

All the food supplies have now been bought for this weekend to head down to Douglas-Daly this weekend, hopefully avoiding the expected 300mm over the weekend from the potential Cyclone Errol. So it could be a wet one this weekend! We shan't be going hungry or thirsty, as per usual, and it's a good opportunity to plan a bit of the Finke and the Cape York trips.


  1. Hello Puppies and Humans,

    Can't wait to hear how you withstand TC Errol on your first "real" weekend away. It'll be fabulous (I know). Great to read your blog, and I'll be keeping an eye on it in the future!

    Welcome to the AS family ... it's a great family to be a part of ... as no doubt you already know!

    (Aka Kit_e)